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Happy New Year!
Agemashite Omodeto Gozaimasu!
I guess it is not too early to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Another new year and we want to believe that we can throw out the old and begin anew. Unfortunately, it does not quite work that way. We just continue to carry those old worries and complications with us; new word usage, same prob-lems. Oh, shucky darn! Well, we can dream.

There is our Namu Amida Butsu to give us some relief, however much depends on our taking care of business. We have many teachings and there lies some of the solutions. However, we have to be able to release our ego in order to see the truth. We all want easy solutions, without the fuss and bother. We can learn so much more from solving the problem instead of quick remedies. Such is our life; we accept easy solutions without thinking and putting work into finding solutions.

It is remembering the history and teachings of the many followers who entrusted in Namu Amida Butsu and who brought Buddhism into fruition. They too, suffered in seeking their answers and path. They demonstrated how and why, yet it is we who must think and put them into actions. They are only suggestions for it is the individual who must choose their answers. We show our thankfulness and gratitude by putting our hands together in Gassho for their guidance and directions.

It is difficult to look within ourselves and to truly acknowledge that we do not have the right answers all the time. This is our ego speaking; not wanting to show our ignorance. However, “truth be told” we are all ignorant beings in some form or another. Unfortunately, we are not perfect beings. We never want to appear not knowing anything and we are good at “appearing” intelligent. This is just human nature and our ego.

As the new year approaches, it may be a good time to begin reflecting on deepening our hearing and thinking. As the common adage says, “we learn by our mistakes” and maybe our solutions are deep within in us. We still have the same problems and new ones may occur, however, be assured we are all searching for answers. We have our Nembutsu to keep us on the right path, while tackling those hard to reach answers.

In the meantime, we celebrate with renewed idealisms and become inventors of renewed resolu-tions. The new year is a time of finding new paths and awakening our entrusting in the teachings and looking within ourselves. It is not easy, but we have Namu Amida Butsu to lead us in the direc-tion we seek. May this new year be the stepping stones to discovery and answers.

Happy New Year! Agemashite Omodeto Gozaimasu.
Gassho Rev. Seijo Naomi Nakano


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