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Resident Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
June 9: Clean up day
        14: Shin Buddhism for Newbies (5 PM)
        17: Intro to Buddhism (10 AM)
        24: Japanese Language Class (10 AM)

  July 1: Japanese Language Class (10 AM)

Buddhism is the teaching of life
And its flow in a world of
Meaningful change.
~Rev. Dr. Seigen Yamaoka
Our lives take many journeys in life. Some are enjoyable and some are not so pleasant. However, these journeys create independence and decision-making paths. It is said in the writings that there are 84,000 different paths we can take to discover ourselves.

For juniors in high school, they must begin looking into their futures. They must begin to search colleges or decide what careers they want. For graduating seniors, it may be a time for preparation in their choices made. Unfortunately, summer jobs are a must for many students.
I always had a job from the 8th grade through college. My first job was washing dishes in my parents’ café. I made 10 dollars a day with meals and of course, my favorite choice of pie. My mother always had one of my favorite pies in the case for me. I thought this was going to be a “cushy” job because my parents were the owners. But it was just the opposite! The job started at 5 in the morning and continued until about 3 in the afternoon. In between washing dishes, there were potatoes to peel, floors to be swept, and dishes to be shined and put away. At times I also waited on tables. The stainless steel sinks had to be shined before leaving for the day. Saturdays also included washing down all the booths, seating area and counter tops. I nearly forgot to mention mopping the floors. I went to work every day, 6 days a week for the entire summer.

However, there was a deal behind the acceptance of this job and that was I could buy my school clothes and shoes without my mother’s approval. Growing up, my mother picked out my sister’s and my clothes. Because we are fraternal twins, my mother and father wanted us to dress alike. I had a taste of freedom after acceptance of the “deal”. I also learned to budget my time and paycheck.

I believe my parents had an ulterior motive behind this learning experience. They never wanted any of their children to ever go into the restaurant business. If you work in this job while young and realize all the hard work and long hours involved, you would never want it as a career. Their advice was correct.

Although in Buddhism there is no advice, there are Buddha’s teachings that make us question, think and hear. The teachings help us look within as to who we truly are and what we can be. It also awakens us to what we are grateful for. We put our palms together in gratitude for allowing us to be human.
However, the teachings do give direction and guidance. It does not discriminate nor judge how much we know but what we want to hear. That is where decision-making comes to the front. As we continue to awaken to our true self, there is Namu Amida Butsu. Each recitation is not our calling but the call of Amida Buddha to allow us to find and seek answers of our true self. How fortunate we are to have Namu Amida Butsu.mu Amida Butsu for the opponent, so that he/she can also find peace and calm for his/ her inner fight.

Gassho, Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
6996 Ontario Rd., SLO
Bon Odori Practices: July 8 &15 at 1:00pm
                                     July 12, 19, and 26 at 7pm