Rejoicing in the Compassion of the Buddha,
Respecting and aiding all sentient beings,
I will work toward the welfare of
Society and the world.
Shin Buddhist Life Principles.
San Luis Obispo Buddhist Temple
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Resident Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano

For families, some of the children will be starting college soon. It is a bittersweet time because we are saying goodbye to childhood and hello to adulthood. We have tried to do our best to teach them and now we must give them the freedom to test their wings. However with the time we do have with them, we can continue to instill the value of hard work, getting a good education and Nembutsu. We send them off with cheers and an awakening to the teachings.

The rest of the summer can be spent as a family. We continue to share our love and trust with them. We send them with Amida Buddha’s teachings so that they can continue to make wholesome decisions. It is a most difficult time for parents and an exciting adventure for the child. We send our children off with the compassion and wisdom of a parent and with Amida Buddha.

There are so many different opportunities and adventures waiting to be experienced. Our chil-dren have been home for 18 some years and now they are asked to be independent. We question ourselves if they can make it on their own. This is where the teachings come to a test. We can rely on our Nembutsu to guide and direct them.

On the brighter side, it means less laundry yet, for the child it means they must learn to do it themselves. The college student must wake themselves up to make it to class on time. If they share a room, they must learn to be neat and tidy unless their dorm mate is of the same character. This is the real test of independence.

My mother once told me that distance makes us more appreciative of home and family. How true this is. As children we have so many things done for us. Other siblings or parents to keep us company and they are always around. Dinner is always on the table and the house is cleaned and sometimes we do not even have to lift a finger to help. It is when we have to do things on our own or find that missing sock, that we come to realize what has been given us.

This is the time of Amida Buddha’s teachings. When we are faced with difficult tasks, we can rely on Namu Amida Butsu. However if we think on the matter, Amida Buddha is always with us no matter where we go and what we do. We live Nembutsu and Nembutsu lives in our hearts and minds. Namu Amida Butsu is portable and it is another opportunity of awakening to the strength of it.

College is exciting however it can also be scary. We rely on Nembutsu to make us strong and wiser. Once the “hump” is over, we can be thankful and share our gratitude through Nembutsu. As we hug and kiss our children goodbye, we also send them with teachings and Nembutsu. They will return home (with dirty laundry and the hankering for a home cooked meal) more mature. Yet in our hearts, we know they are still our “babies” and it will be a “welcome home” party.

In the meantime, we send our Nembutsu with them and await their phone calls or visits back home. We are fortunate and thankful that our children have selected a path to follow, but it is also frightening to know they are on their own. We share our Namu Amida Butsu, with smiles, tears and heartfelt gratitude. Like Amida Buddha, we must learn to entrust in our children’s judgment and their courage. We, as parents, must learn to rely on our Nembutsu to keep them safe and mindful that the children will continue to awaken to Amida Buddha’s compassion and wisdom.

It is good travels, study hard, experience new things and always entrust in Namu Amida Butsu. We hope to see you on your vacations.

Gassho Rev. Seijo Naomi Nakano
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