Res. Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
6996 Ontario Rd.
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
Ph. 805 595-2625
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I have a correction to make to last monthís newsletter on BWA
happenings. Julie Conaway is one of our tire-less Obon dance
instructors but I failed to mention that Tomi Kobara has been and
continues to be our primary Obon dance teacher. Tomi and Julie
take their time to go to Southern California to learn the newest dances then return to SLO and energetically teaches us these dances. They make learning the dances fun and pa-tiently go over the steps until we learn them. Even if we donít learn them well, they are supportive and encouraging. Please watch for the Obon dance practice sessions on the calendar and come to learn and have fun!

Speaking of Obon we continue to search for crafts in preparing for the BWA Craft Booth. If you have a sug-gestion of what you like to see at craft fairs or other Obon festivals, please let me or one of the other BWA members know about it and we will explore making them to sell at our booth. The proceeds from the booth help to fund our various activities and enable us to sup-port the SLOBC in its activities. Also, if you have a special talent for making a craft, please share that with us and we can explore how we can use that talent for our booth.

A BWA meeting was held on June 3 but attendance was very low. The women who did attend had a good time and we wish more of you were there. How can we encourage more members to attend the meeting or contribute suggestions to make the meetings more viable? Sug-gestions for future meetings are: simple self-defense for women (taught by Alan Bond); strawberry jam-making (possibly to sell at the Obon booth); cooking class; and a craft class. What would make you want to attend the meetings? Let us know so we can make the SLOBWA a more meaningful organization.

In gassho,
Sandy Hongo