Okazu by Gary Hongo

We’ve heard or read about it in the news - the targeting of houses of worship by extremists. Whether it’s synagogues, mosques, Sikh temples or Christian churches, places of worship are no longer a safe haven. Because of these past incidents, churches and temples within the Buddhist Churches of America are taking steps to reduce the possibility of attacks happening on their sites. Some temples are hiring security guards, installing security cameras and even erecting physical barriers such as fences. Along with these measures is the emphasis on the sangha to be aware of what’s happening on its premises during services and special events.

The urgency of being vigilant was recently made clear when a male visitor to a BCA temple made threats to its female minister and during another incident, drew a knife at one of its office workers. The location of the temple is such that anyone off the street can enter its premises without having to pass through a fence or gate

Here at SLOBC, although the temple sits hidden from the street, it’s not feasible to erect a fence around our 13 acres. We’ve upgraded the lights in our parking lot and had the light by the entrance gate activated again. We’re exploring the possibility of installing security cameras around our temple and the minister’s residence. We’ve had instances where a stranger (possibly homeless) was camping in the bushes near the front gate and also evidence that someone was using one of the retreat cabins without our permission. While we plan for the installation of additional security measures, it is imperative that all members be vigilant of any suspicious person or activity on our premises..
6996 Ontario Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
(805) 595-2625
Res. Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
2/09: 10:15am Meditation
        11:00am Nirvana Day Serv

2/11: 9:00 am People's Kitchen


2/17: 6pm Intro to Buddhism

2/23: 10:15am Meditation
         11:00am Lay Service

2/29: 5-7pm CRAB FEED!!!!!