6996 Ontario Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
(805) 595-2625
Res. Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
WOW! March is almost over time flies!!

Sad News: We lost another valuable Sangha member, Robert Hayashi. Our condolence to his family, Haru, John/Leslie, Howard/Stephanie, Alan/Kim, and Edward/Janet. He will be missed by all.

Our next event at our church is Hanamatsuri Service on April 7. We plan to have an Luncheon and a fun event which Activities Committee is planning. This will be after our Service on Sunday, 11 am. Come join us and enjoy the Dharma talk, good food & company.

Our next fundraiser will be in May, the Golf Tour-nament. Like always, we are looking for members to help in many ways. If you are interested in volunteering your time for a few hours, please notify anyone on the Board or me for information.

Always looking forward in seeing you at our ser-vices.

In Gassho, Donna Sato

President's Desk by Donna Sato

BWA by Sandy Hongo

Gary and I attended the Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) National Council Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, from March 7 – 10 as delegates from SLOBC. I have attended the council meetings for many years but always as a “booster” but not a delegate. In the business meetings I learned about the issues that the BCA is faced with and how it is exploring various options to solve those issues. It is not an easy task and many people work many hours to look for the solutions. Over the years I have met many people in the BCA and boosters from churches across the United States and Hawaii. It is very inspiring how dedicated so many of them are.

I mention the National Council Meeting because as inspiring as that was, the World Buddhist Women’s Convention being held in San Francisco from August 31 – September 1 will be an awesome experience. There were 300 people in Phoenix and there will be up to 3,000 people in San Francisco from around the world. The Coast District wanted 100 people from our district to attend but as of February there were already 160 registered or planning to register. The speakers and workshops planned will be inspiring, fun and educational. There will even be a huge group bon odori (bon dancing) on Sunday. The first deadline has passed but the next deadline is May 31 with a registration fee of $350; after May 31 the fee will be $450. Please let me know if you are planning to attend.

Please contact the church for any questions.

In gassho, Sandy Hongo
4/14: Shotsuki Hoyo
4/16: 5pm Basics of Jodo Shinshu
4/21: 4:00pm Intro to Buddhism

5/04: Bon Odori
5/12: Gotan-E
5/18: Golf Tournament

6/22: Wine Tasting

7/14: Obon/Hatsubon Service

8/03: SLOBC Obon
4/21: Intro to Buddhism will be
           at 4:00pm