6996 Ontario Rd., San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
(805) 595-2625
Res. Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
To Our Sangha Members:

The COVID-19 Pandemic: I hope everyone is well and safely situated at home during this time of shelter. Throughout the world, the finest and brilliant people are working together for a serum to fight this virus. We are hoping that there will be a vaccine very soon.

The ocean waves will be calm and smooth again. We will be able to continue our lives again without fear. Shinran Shonin teaches us that we are always with the Buddha no matter where we may be or what condition we are living in. Amida Buddha is with us.

Our last activity for the church was the Blood Drive. We had 23 people that gave blood for this great cause. Thank you for the people that came and a special thank you to Barry Bridge for coordinating this event. For the month of April our services and activities will be canceled until future notice. This was the Board of Directors’ decision to close but it was for the good of all.

Take care, be healthy and be safe.

In Gassho, Donna Sato

President's Desk by Donna Sato

BWA by Sandy Hongo

By now everyone has been hearing about the Covid-19 virus for weeks and we really need something more uplifting and hopeful to see and hear. Fortunately for us, Jodo Shinshu teachings are here. We cannot attend church services or activities but we can still hear Dharma messages through BCA Connect and other online services that BCA has made available. Those of you with email service were sent various links recently through which you are able to watch many Dharma services. Please take advantage of them if you can. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Shelter-at-home gives me the opportunity to clean out some paperwork, closets and cabinets that I have put
off for a while. I find that there are actually lots of things I can do BUT the problem is do I WANT to do them? I am accomplishing some clean-up so that is a good thing. When it is not raining, walking around our neighborhood has also been good for me. I needed to get more exercise in. Our neighbors take advantage
of the good weather, too, to walk their dogs and get more exercise while practicing social distancing.

If any of our members need help, please do not hesitate to contact me or any one of the Board members.
We have members who have offered to help with grocery shopping, picking up medications or whatever
you might need help with so please call us.

If you have any questions, please email or call us.

In gassho, Sandy Hongo
Meditation and Service Cancelled until further notice.