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Here we are with only two months left in 2018. Time sure flies when you’re having fun so we must be hav-ing fun. There is one event that we have not had yet and that is the Keiro Kai where we celebrate the lives and successes of our senior members 75 years and above. These members have sacrificed a lot in their lives and contributed so much to the San Luis Obispo Buddhist Church that we have to take time to thank them for their generosity over the years. My thought is that we have a New Year Party in January 2019 for all the members and have a special tribute to the Keiro members. I hope many of our members will come to the party and celebrate the new year and the Keiro.
I need one or two or three people to help me plan this event. We have a family wedding in early February that will keep me busy for the next few months and I need your help. If you are willing to step forward, please let me know. I will be most appreciative. You can email me at info@slobuddhisttemple.org.

The 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention is being held in San Francisco from August 30 to Septem-ber 1, 2019. The theme of the convention is “Live the Nembutsu”. The Buddhist Churches of America and the Federation of Buddhist Women’s Association are hosts of the convention which is held once every four years and has been hosted in turn by Japan, Canada, Hawaii, South America and BCA/FBWA. I will email the information packet I received from the planning committee to all who have email and will mail the packet to interested parties and have copies available at the church. There is a lot of information and there are many wonderful workshops and speakers sched-uled. This will be a very exciting few days and I am looking forward to attending. I hope many of you will plan to attend. The first registration deadline is in January and we have to register as a group so if you are interested, please let me know.

In Gassho,
SLO Buddhist Women's Association
Resident Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
6996 Ontario Rd., SLO
Hello Sangha Members,

We have just completed the resurfacing of our parking lots and driveways. Once you see the results, you will agree with me that this project was long overdue. Next is the refurbishment of the patio deck and sidewalk stairs at the minister’s house. Then, onto more maintenances work. With your kind donations, fundraisers and your continued volunteering we are making improvements to our church. It takes a lot of our time to keep our church going. Thank you again for your donation and your volunteering.

The Board Members have changed the meeting time to 5 pm instead of 7 pm. We agreed it was better for us that way since the meetings would not end so late; those who are working can attend, and those who have long distance to drive can do so safely. Any Sangha member can join us at these meetings.

Our next church event is Eitaikyo service, Shotsuki Hoyo service, Birthday Sunday on November 11, at 11 am. Please join us.

In Gassho, Donna
Nov 10: Clean up day (9am)
         11: Eitaikyo Service (11am)
         18: Intro to Buddhism (10am)
         27: Basics of Jodo Shinshu (5pm)


                *** DATE CHANGE ***
Nov 27: Basics of Jodo Shinshu (5pm)