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Res. Minister: Rev. Naomi Seijo Nakano
Hello Sangha Members,

In another month the holidays will be here and everyone will be in a hectic mood. The gathering of families at holidays and seeing each other makes it a festive mood. Days of preparation mixed with enjoying the laughter of their company is a tradition in many families. Giving thanks to those who passed away and remembering how they were enjoyed by all are also important during this time of the year. So are making new memo-ries and reminiscing the past. When your family comes together this Holiday Season give a few moments to remember those who have gone be-fore you. Giving thanks to them becomes a tradi-tion that will always be in the hearts of every gen-eration to come. Namu Amida Butsu !!

HURRAH! We had enough in our budget to fix our church’s heater for the winters to come. This was a BIG project and expense for our church. Please give yourself a pat on the shoulder for making it possible. Through your generous dona-tions and dedication and hard work during our fundraisers we will have warmth this winter. It all pays off in the end. Domo Arigato!!

Always looking forward to seeing you at our services.

In Gassho, Donna Sato

President's Desk by Donna Sato

BWA by Sandy Hongo

As reported previously, the Enchilada Fundraiser was a tremendous success! With the hard work and delicious recipes from Sylvia Bridge and the help of sous chefs Rev. Nakano, Donna Sato and Bryce Cape the fundraiser added approximately $1,400 to the BWA bank account. Thank you to the members who helped to purchase and sell tickets!

With 2020 quickly approaching, the BWA needs help from members with Hana Toban which is the flower arrangements that decorate the Onaijin every week. There are several ladies who buy flowers and make the beautiful arrangements as well as clean the Onaijin. We need more ladies who are willing to learn how to make the arrange-ments or willing to help clean the Onaijin. With our small membership we need to step up to help our church. We have plans to have someone demon-strate flower arranging to boost our confidence in help-ing with Hana Toban. Please volunteer to spend one or two hours every 8 to 10 weeks.

Following is a report from Rev. Nakano on her thoughts from the 16th World Buddhist Women’s Convention held in August/September 2019:

As a minister and participant at the WBWC in San Francisco, it was both exciting and stressful: exciting because I was one of the 1,700 persons who came together in Nembutsu and stressful because along with the ministers from Tri State Buddhist Temple (Denver) and Oxnard Buddhist Church, we were asked to lead the chanting for the opening service.

Before the service began, all the ministers who were seated on the altar marched in a processional down the aisle. 2,400 pairs of eyes watched as we walked in. For some of the foreign participants, it was a surprise to see so many female minis-ters who took part in the program.

The thrill was having the privilege of chanting in front of our Gomonshu Kojun Otani, his entourage, the bishops from BCA, Hawaii, Canada and South America and the minister chairs of the districts. As a “country minister”, it was a pleasure and honor to be on the same altar with so many dignitaries. I am not the type of person who likes to stand in front of such a large number of followers and I said Namu Amida Butsu many times to ensure no mistakes were made during the processional and chanting.

Once that nervousness wore off and Namu Amida Butsu, it was only the sound of the many voices that rose and resound-ed as One voice. It was the calming sound by so many fellow Nembutsu followers that blanketed me like an old sweater. I was warmed and found my place in Nembutsu with courage.

I met up with long-time friends from Denver, Gardena and other temples that I have not seen in years. Some of these friends from Denver were shocked that I became a minister and there I was on the altar. They texted or phoned home and told their relatives of my participation. It was a great time .

However it is the Sangha from various countries and dis-tricts that give strength to Jodo Shinshu. It is Namu Amida Butsu for the many years and hours that the committee put in to make the conference a successful endeavor. Words cannot describe the feeling, but it is through the participation and experience that truly tells the story and it was the encouragement and support of many who are committed to Nembutsu. Gassho Rev. Seijo Naomi Nakano
The BLOOD MOBILE will be at the temple parking lot
Dec. 1, 2019 12pm - 4pm
To donate, you MUST have an appointment. Please email
Sat 11/09/19:
Temple clean up, 9am

Tue 11/12/19:
People's Kitchen, 9am

Sat 11/16/19:
Movie Night, 5:30pm

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Intro to Buddhism, 6:00pm